Monday, 17 April 2017

Final Edit - Title Sequence

This is the final edit of our title sequence, we have made some improvements on the sound and changed some of the titles around.


Today was my last day of editing. I had all the footage which was collected over 15 filming days and I sat down for exactly 8 hours editing. As editor, I feel as if I've come a long way. This would be factors such as learning how to key frame. I didn't know how to key frame so I had to go on YouTube and learn from there. Which is one of the reasons why editing took so long. Key framing is just one of the many factors I learnt on Final Cut Pro X. Factors such as using motion and applying to final cut pro. Also, the footage wasn't as long as the music so I had to edit the music as well.
To conclude,  I really enjoyed editing on Final Cut Pro X and I know that I can still improve on my editing skills.

Final thoughts

I feel as if I have come a long way throughout the planning of our title sequence. We worked well as a team although we still had times where we could have put more effort in. Although I was assigned as the editor of the group, I still took part in filming and director. The same thing went for my group mates as they also edited some of the clips. We  only had a a couple of hours to edit together as a group. however, we also had other lessons to focus on so we couldn't work as a team as much. To come against this problem, we made a group chat where would help each other out. I believe that this group chat was very helpful, especially during the half term as I would send a video of the footage I edited on Final Cut Pro and get their opinion on it. It is clear to notice that our title sequence is short, however, I believe that we done a great job in conveying what our film is about. We asked a couple students from our film and all of them were able to guess what the film was about.

Feedback to our second edit

Here is a feedback from a stranger which I asked on my street. To summarise, she said that she couldn't understand what was going on and said that she wouldn't go to the film.  What's interesting about this, is that we were expecting the response of a female audience to say that she wouldn't be attending to the film. She said that football films "aren't really her thing". I believe that this answer proves that our target demographic are male audiences.

Title Sequence draft 2

This is our second edit of our title sequence. I made changes on the music as well as this, we decided that the footage in this clip will be the order of how it goes. Future changes will possibly be made on the title fonts and the music.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Feedback from class

This is the feedback that was given to us by our classmates. The main critiscism we got was how the sequence lacked narrative. We intend to develop this in the future

Friday, 14 April 2017

First edit of title sequence

This is our first edit of our title sequence, weve only got 30 seconds of footage but the video is over 2 minutes long to show the rest of the music